what I do:
> product strategy
messes → questions → clarity
> innovation & visioning
find the future & make it happen
> prototyping
learn by building
> ixd & research
person-powered tools
> project execution
break blocks, ship things
experience: 9+ years @ google, youtube, & meta: creating human-centered products; playing in uncharted spaces; guiding features from concept to launch; helping teams think and work better.
more info: linkedin

on the side

creative coding & games
building fun stuff with code. see
writing & theater
plays, monologues, improv, poetry
writing an album of music inspired by nyc subway stations

recent-ish news

"uk foods" on glitch's most viral 2021 (12.2021)
"the app that made the glitch community lol the most"
google blog interview (11.2021)
uxes on the power of transcending disciplines
"birthday hands" in the verge (03.2020)
"...make handwashing a little more fun"
"infinite conference" in tnw (03.2020)
" might as well learn to pitch from a twitter bot"