One Pacific Midnight Central
a play by Aaron Zemach
produced by Thyrsus in November, 2014

In a Pacific-coast metropolis, C.E.O. Elise gathers her brothers Meltz and Artur (he recently dropped the "H") to discuss a class-action lawsuit that threatens to destroy the family. In the suburbs, brilliant engineer Stig and his cancer-striken sister Ann try to hide from the government that's hunting them. Nearby, desperate writer Zeff loses his grip on the world in the wake of his latest novel release, while his girlfriend Colette and sister Toni try to hold him together. Meanwhile, charismatic talk-show host Vic Silver sells cornucopias to his captive audience.

As the families try to solve their crises, their lives begin to intertwine in dangerous ways, and drastic decisions are made. Elise is convinced she can prevent the lawsuit through a bloody attack. Stig convinces himself that teaming up with a terrorist organization is his ticket out of town. Zeff convinces himself that going on Vic Silver's show will solve his problems. Relationships are strained and hidden secrets of crime, addiction, and cults emerge, while everybody starts questioning: who's really in control of these choices? "One Pacific Midnight Central" is a two-act dark comedy thriller that looks at the meaning of family, celebrity, and community in the modern era.